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About us

Man Up! Series began when some long time friends were surprised to hear that men were being strongly asked that they sit to pee rather than stand to avoid making a mess. As we looked deeper into this attitude we discovered that there are other countries in the world where men are also asked to sit rather than stand to pee and some countries where men are not allowed at all to stand and pee in public toilets. If they do, they face fines and public ridicule. The last straw was when it happened to us! On separate occasions we were asked to sit to pee so we don't make a mess. We feel that men have rights too and have the right to stand to pee, if they wish! We also felt the need to acknowledge those who have their own personal preferences towards certain things or obligations or for those who go the extra mile. Anyone who takes their responsibilities seriously or does what needs to be done, should be recognized and appreciated. There are those who want to be there for the people they care about or those who need them, like the father that goes shopping for something that his kid needs, even though he may not live with his child or the child's mom. And the husband and father who is there to support and help their wife and child or children. Or there are some for example, who'd rather be watching the game instead of shopping on a Sunday or relaxing on a Saturday instead of taking care of chores. So we started with simple, universal styled graphics to express those ideas, feelings and thoughts and started printing t-shirts. Then we added other items to our line. So won't you please show your support and join the cause, buy a shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, hoodie, mug or accessory and let everyone know where you stand or to show your appreciation! And always check back cause Man Up! Series is always adding new stuff to our store!